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Balaji Software Pvt. Ltd. has in-depth experience in developing business applications and strives to provide you custom software solutions that will help you to remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology based business solutions. For this, we use modern software development platforms, software development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques and software. The company has gained vital process knowledge and has distinctive library of software Codes.

Application Development and Maintenance

Our application development and maintenance methodology, caters to the best of breed quality processes which helps in successful on-time and above expected delivery, enabling clients get maximum return on their IT spending, with reduced complexity, risks and costs.

We can help you develop customized software applications and assist you thorough out the entire software development Life Cycle, including project management, systems analysis and design, software development, implementation and training.

Dedicated Offshore and Onsite Development Facilities

Dedicated development facilities are available for clients where resources and software staff are fully dedicated to meet the needs of its clients. Software teams are dedicated for clients to gain maximum benefit from time zone difference and delivery commitments. Software reviews, updates and delivery is made on a day to day or weekly basis and appraisals held at regular periods with client coordinator and project teams.
Adopting an offshore outsourcing model should be about more than seeking cost reductions, it should establish a framework to drive continuous improvement. We enables your business to leverage the benefits of IT Outsourcing (ITO) by adopting a unified view of your processes and applications.

Software Product Engineering.

We can co-develop software products for organizations, within their business application and domain area. Product companies can maintain a software team at our Company reducing product development costs. The knowledge transfer is done based on well-defined Non Disclosure agreements. The software product can be delivered to the client complete with user manuals, technical documentation and source code.

Professional Training

We also provide professional training to make trainees capable to compete Job Opportunities in IT sector. The training is provided for different durations like:

6 weeks Training

3 months Training

6 months Training

Training is for making trainees professionals and not to finish up companies deliverables. A proper guidance is provided by experienced professionals, how to deal with business problems and reach to a wise solution for developing a robust software.

We have expertise over following Technologies:

Jasper Reports
GWT(Google Web Tool Kit)
MS Acess