Balaji Software Pvt. Ltd.

Vat ManagementSystem

Our Vat Management System (VMS) is designed for maintaining and preparing various Vat and CST details as per rules of Haryana Govenment (India). Decreasing your manual , paper keeping work.

Key Features 

  • Supports Vat Registration Form A1.
  • Keeping and managing Dealer Details
  • VAT-R1 , Form-1 preparation  for  quarterly  returns  with  automatically maintaining excess brought forward, and pending forms.
  • Generation of Summary Report.
  • Almost automatic generation of  VAT -R2 if there are no difference between book values and return values. you just need to enter the changed book-values and all other things are carried out automatically.
  • Automatically Generated Reconciliation  Report
  • VAT-R3 preparation  
  • Challan  Preparation
  • And more facilities .